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For bagel lovers
around the world.


If you like freshly baked bagels,
you will love Uncle Bagel.


Inspired by New York bagel history, Uncle Bagel creates straight up, authentic bagels full of character and good vibes.



We are passionate about creating the tastiest, most badass artisan bagels in town. We have learned from the leading bagel experts in NYC to fine tune our bagel process. We want the crunch on the outside, and the soft doughy vibe on the inside.

The science of bagel mastery depends on a few simple but essential variables. Before baking we boil the hand rolled loops to create that trademark doughy vibe. We have to get those bagels in the oven as fast as possible. If we could do it in a split second we’d be over the moon. Finally steaming the bagels while baking is also a critical element to creating bagels of epic character. The secret lies in the detail, and we feel we’ve created something special.

If you want bagels, then look no further. We are here and ready for action!





We deliver our unique hand rolled, artisan bagels across London. We wannashare the good vibes. If you want to sample our bagels get in touch.




If you got a party, event or special occasion we can deliver a selection of tasty filled bagels tailored to your requirements. We can make your bagel wish come true. We’ve shortlisted our favourite selection of bagels. If you need us we are only a phone call away.


We are passionate about creating the tastiest, most badass artisan bagels in town.


My name is Tom & I am Uncle Bagel.

It all began in 2014 when due to to ill health I had to take a year off work. During this time I faced many painful and difficult challenges. My sister suggested I start baking bagels, and it was baking that helped me during my darkest moments. My niece and nephew called me Uncle Bagel when I gave them my home baked creations, and so it began.

Life gave me bagels, and in the spirit of being in the flow, I went with what life gave me. Uncle Bagel is the story of turning adversity into a blessing. I love bagels. They really do work miracles.